3D Electronics Forum


Mark your calendar for next year's event: 20 OCTOBER 2021

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At the 3D Electronics Forum, developers and experts from industrial electronics manufacturing will discuss the future of electronics manufacturing at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg. Learn more about the possibilities, challenges and potential when printed electronics, additive manufacturing and intelligent production enter into symbiosis.

Short innovation cycles, an increase in product variety, and higher cost pressure call for new strategies in electronics manufacturing. At the same time, generative manufacturing processes as well as printed electronics have established themselves and meet the demands of the industry.

When printed electronics, additive manufacturing, and smart production get together – what potential would that hold? Get answers at out §D Electronics Forum. The event bridges the gap between technology research and application and informs you about technologies, opportunities and challenges in the age of 3D and Industry 4.0.

Target Groups:

  • Production experts and decision makers in the industrial value chain, from OEMs, (high-tech) suppliers, subcontractors, and EMS providers
  • Design and engineering experts
  • Experts involved in the development of electronic products, like product designers, engineers, product managers, software developers, and system integrators
  • Everyone interested in new technologies and developments in the area of 3D printing

Focus Topics:

  • Printing technologies (aerosol jet, inkjet, extrusion) and 3D printing including multi-material processes
  • 3D-MID and In-Mould processes
  • Materials, such as conductive inks, pastes and polymers, ceramics, and dielectrics
  • Software and design
  • Hybrid approaches
  • Best practice examples