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Electronics Manufacturing:
Conquering the 3rd Dimension

The recently frequently mentioned term 3D structural electronics combines methods for optimized design and the integration of electronics and other functions in a 3D shape. And it is with these different methods for the production of three-dimensional electronics – from additive manufacturing to printed electronics and in-mould technologies – that the practical forum 3D Electronics Manufacturing is concerned on 7 October 2020 in Würzburg.

Which technologies have recently developed to series production readiness? Which processes are in competition with each other and which complement each other? The event bridges the gap between technology research and application and provides information on technologies, opportunities, and challenges in the age of 3D and Industry 4.0.

3D Electronics Manufacturing is aimed at decision-makers, design and engineering experts, developers of industrial electronics manufacturing, as well as anyone curious about tomorrow's manufacturing.

Join us and pass on your know-how from additive manufacturing, printed electronics, hybrid approaches or other technologies for the production of 3D electronics to the specialist audience in a presentation. Submit your topic proposal by April 30, 2020 using the form below! The conference language is English.

Whether basics, new technologies, or best practice examples: We examine every proposal that highlights an interesting aspect of the electronics manufacturing of the future.

The main topics are:
•    Printing technologies (aerosol jet, inkjet, extrusion) and 3D printing including multi-material processes
•    3D-MID and In-Mould processes
•    Materials, such as conductive inks, pastes and polymers, ceramics, and dielectrics
•    Combination of the different methods in hybrid approaches
•    Digitization in manufacturing
•    Software and design
•    Best practice: 3D electronics in industrial use

We only accept contributions that deal with technical, usage, or user-related aspects of the topics mentioned. Marketing oriented and shallow contributions will not be accepted.

We are happy to receive a variety of topic suggestions. Our team of experts will decide which papers will be included in the selection based on the topic and relevance to our target group. Interesting lecture topics that do not make it to the congress will have the opportunity to be published in advance on or in a print edition of ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS (German-language articles).

Deadline for submission of presentations and technical articles on the subject of 3D electronics is April 30, 2020. Please send us at least an informative abstract and a short CV of the speaker.


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